New Year, New You?

Hello fellow real estate agents and business owners. I have had the privilege of working with Tony and here are some things I have learned over the years. I use them ever year.

The new year often brings about new resolutions. Those resolutions are typically a combination of the things you didn’t complete the previous year coupled with new goals and dreams you wish to complete for the upcoming year. As real estate agents and business owners, you need to put away resolutions for the year and instead look to be better than you were the day before. We have all heard the saying, “Eat an elephant one bite at at time.” This deals with any tasks, goals, projects, etc. that you wish to accomplish. As big as they may be, the only way to accomplish them without getting overwhelmed and throwing in the towel midway through the year, is to eat the elephant, one bite at a time.

So here is what I have done and coached others to do. Make a vision board. Yes, I said it. Make a vision board. Now make a board that is only comprised of how much income you would like to make for that year. Next put only items, words, etc. on that board that pertains to the amount of income you would like to make. Next, put a 4, 8, and 12 next to the things you would like to accomplish, purchase, do with that income, idea, etc. for the year. Next get out your business planning sheets. (I can send you one if you need one.) On your business planning sheet, based on your numbers that you keep track of each year, quarter, month, week and day, use your numbers for prospecting, contracts and closed transactions, to determine what you need to do to accomplish your 4 month goals, 8 month goals and 12 month goals. Each time you don’t do what you should do on a daily basis to accomplish your goal of helping clients, growing your business and fulfilling your goals, pull one item, word, picture, etc. off of the board. Seeing the visual of a missing items ripped off the board will be an eye opener for you. That will help you create the New Year, New You. You will be a new person who does what it takes to make your business thrive and help those who entrust their most prized material possession to you.